It struck me how much value it actually provided

I'm using the platform to create a new three-year plan for growth in Northern Europe.

I was pretty sure I had all the facets covered, but needed a place to gather my thoughts.

When I finished the process, it struck me how much value there really was in working with both SWOT and red & green lights in the same breath.

When I finished, I realized that the immediate (and of course bullet-proof) plan I had needed to be revised due to some factors I hadn't considered in my intuitive planning process.

Big thumbs up and big 5 from me to MakeMyStrategy™👍

Ronnie Vindbjerg Pedersen
Regional Director, Nordics

Insights was founded over 20 years ago by Andi and Andy Lothian (father and son) and today has an impressive global presence.

Insights is proud of its Scottish roots, but has branches all over the world - and it's certainly not done growing yet.

Insights has global headquarters in Scotland and regional offices in Viby J., Denmark.

Insights give employees, teams, managers and organisations greater self-awareness. It helps create breakthroughs for businesses.

They also create personal breakthroughs for company employees by increasing their self-awareness, helping them build better relationships and making them more effective in their work.

Their tailor-made solutions are adapted to the needs of companies. Whether it's a series of workshops to help company teams become more productive, or a longer-term programme focused on leadership, culture or change, Insights creates the breakthroughs your business demands.

Insight changes your people, insight changes your business.

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