I know it works in practice"

"I have many years of experience with the method on which MakeMyStrategy™ is based, and I know it works in practice."

Jørgen Lægaard
Active chairman, director, advisor and author
Lægaard Management A/S

MakeMyStrategy™ is based on best practice, recognised and international models, the book "Strategy in Winning Companies", and years of practical experience. Jørgen Lægaard, Lægaard Management A/S is the author of the book "Strategi i vindervirksomheder".  

Jørgen is one of Denmark's most experienced when it comes to successful strategy work in practice.

In addition to being the author of the book "Strategi i vindervirksomheder", which is based on experiences from more than 600 strategy processes and which is still the first and only Danish strategy book that tells what it takes in practice to become a winning company®, Jørgen has published the books "Det strategiska lederskab", "Jyske Bank på det blå ocean" and "Strategi med erfolgreich" as well as the e-books "Lær organisatie!" and "Effective Blue Ocean Strategy".

In addition to his writing, Jørgen is active both in boardrooms and universities.

In other words™ when you use MakeMyStrategy, you have the seal of approval that you get something that works in practice!

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