"How to digitize the strategy process"

For businesses

Digital transformation is essential. This masterclass will give you the tools to digitize the strategy process. You will work hands-on and use your own company as a learning case. You will experience how strategic theories and practice interact, you will get inspiration on how to handle your strategy work in practice and how to involve management, board and employees so that you succeed with the execution.
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In just 1 day

After this masterclass, which takes just 1 day, you will know exactly what to do in your company to transform your analogue strategy work into a digitally supported strategy work - step by step.

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What participants say

"A good and effective masterclass, where you go through a model to make your strategy a "game".


The tool provides a structure and results in you being able to build a complete strategic plan for your business in a relatively short time. A plan you decide how deep you want to go along the way or later.


The tool can be shared with those who will participate in the otherwise heavy strategy work and do it in a simple and very structured way.


It will never be easy to create a strategic plan – but this tool makes it significantly easier."

Henrik Busch
Chairman and member &owner
Busch on Board ApS

"I see MakeMyStrategy™ as a democratization of strategy work. I want to help fulfill this mission and enable everyone to work structured with strategy development and execution, whether for the whole company, individual areas or in a project.


I participated because I want to get a full understanding of the thinking behind the tool so I can pass it on to my clients and partners.


Moreover, I want to be part of the community that will be around the use and further development of the tool."


Thomas Riisager
Consultant &owner
Dcide ApS

" As CEO and board member of an international company where the strategy process is spread out in many locations that have MakeMyStrategy™ the concept has been the tool that has given me a good overview and the opportunity to both coordinate and differentiate the inputs to a unified group strategy.

And this has happened without us drowning in too many meetings and time on documentation writing.


At the same time, I have been able to involve relevant people along the way and from now on can easily correct and adjust the strategy digitally."


Carsten Normann
CEO and Chairman and Member of the Board
Nautec Holding A/S

Support strategy work digitally

MakeMyStrategy™ connects people and digital opportunities. In other words, it bridges the gap between human effort, strategic expertise and various models to facilitate the management of strategy work.

MakeMyStrategy™ is based on more than 20 years of experience, recognized strategic theories and the principles of the book "Strategy in Winning Companies" . The book is used in teaching contexts, including universities, and is based on the experience of around 600 strategy processes.

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