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A subscription includes 1-3 users
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✔ Everything from the Starter Version
+ All data, documents and material in one place
+ Strategic choices
+ Traceability, ensuring causality
+ Knowledge bank with valuable help tools
+ SDGs as growth gears
+ Graphical presentations of your strategy
+ Many more features (see below)
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Let us customize your own strategy platform based on your needs.
You are a large company where the strategy
work includes both the overall corporate strategy and strategic/business plans for each division/business unit, which must tap into the corporate strategy.
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Where to compare Starter and Pro

1 free user for external advisor
Language: Danish/English
Onboarding (Virtual) we help you get started
Onboarding (in person) is included, where we help you get started
Flexible use and access 24-7-365
Chat Support
Email, virtual, phone support
CVR integration
Apply own colors and logo
Re-visit correction function
All data, annexes and material in one place
Digital strategic cockpit
Cloud solution that does not require installation
Unlimited data and knowledge gathering
Possible to incorporate budget
Everything that has an impact on the strategy is gathered in one place
Conclusion model for the current strategic situation (SWOT)
Traceability to ensure causation
Prioritisation and strategic opt-out
Overview of change needs
Access to case (anonymised company)
Knowledge bank with various support materials and online course on strategy
Vision, mission, values
Get a sustainable strategy - SDGs as a growth gear
Overview in the form of Must-Win Battles
Action plan
Action Plan divided into Must-Win Battles
Time of activities in action plan (quarter and year)
Strategic metrics (KPI)
PowerPoint templates for use in e.g. workshops
Executive summary
Detailed and transparent strategic plan to ensure full traceability
Graphic presentation templates
Retail planning templates
Good advice and tricks for execution

Let us help you get started

We offer the following package services.
*These offers apply provided you have a subscription to MakeMyStrategy™
You'll get personalised guidance on how to best use the platform and its features.

We assist with setting up access, optimal involvement and use of your own materials.

In addition, you will gain insight into the graphical possibilities and the other support tools.

Finally, you will learn how to easily update your strategy as things change.

Finally, we evaluate together. All in all, we will make sure you get off to a good and confident start.

This is onboarding, not strategic advice, which means we take no responsibility for the content of the strategy plan or your actual use of it.

Price: included in Pro subscription
One full day's workshop where we start with an inspirational presentation about trends that are relevant within your industry and the situation your company finds itself in.

We ensure that you get started with the platform as a tool.  We start the basic work of incorporating relevant materials, knowledge and data. Along the way, we challenge and advise you on your specific issues.

And once your strategy is fully in place, you'll get suggestions on how best to execute the strategy to make the biggest difference to your future development and business.

Price: 3,125 € / CHF ex VAT.
If you don't want to start from scratch when your strategy needs to be adjusted, we will move your strategy plan and related materials, documents, analyses, etc. to MakeMyStrategy™.

We do it all for you.

You subscribe to the plan you want and we do the manual exercise required to move a workflow from analog to digital.

Then we review content with you and guide you on how to use MakeMyStrategy™ going forward.

And then you're ready to fix and adjust easily and simply.

Price: 875 DKK ex VAT. per hour, The first 5 hours we give!
Strategy by subscription - Why?

A constantly changing world increases the complexity of business development, and too many strategies become outdated because companies are unfortunately held back by old-fashioned strategy processes.

MakeMyStrategy™ solves the problem. The company's knowledge is consolidated in a simple process while relevant people can be involved. The strategy work is manageable, structured and your work is translated into a strategy plan including concrete instructions on what to do. And it's easy to adjust the strategy as things change.

The advantage of subscription is:

  • A strategy should be kept alive - not a dusty plan in a binder. Strategy is something we do, not just something we have.
  • You have constant access to the latest version of the strategy.
  • You can correct and adjust the strategy as the circumstances around you change - without having to start from scratch every time.
  • Every correction inevitably has a number of consequences that can be extremely complex to understand, but MakeMyStrategy™ shows you where the changed conditions impact your strategy and allows you to easily make consequential corrections.
  • Your corrections are automatically compared with the unchanged facts and all of it is summarized into an updated strategy with updated action plans. This gives you the assurance that you are always on track.
  • Data and knowledge remain within the company, with all versions stored. All history is preserved.
  • You can quickly on-board new staff (transparency of strategy) and easily get their input without having to start from scratch.
  • Misuse of outdated documents is reduced and wasted time on "lost" documents is minimised.
  • Nobody knows everything, so you can continuously optimise and improve your strategy as you learn more.
  • You can involve any external party and still have one place where all knowledge is collected and managed from.

In other words, strategy by subscription gives you an always updated strategy plan you can confidently lead by no matter how turbulent things are around you.

How do I change my credit card?

Your subscription to MakeMyStrategy™ is automatically paid via the credit card you provided when you subscribed.

If you want to change your credit card or update it because it has expired, there is a button at the bottom of your invoice called "Update credit card".

You will then be taken to the screen below, where you select "Update payment details" and click on "Update".

Then you're ready to update your card information.

Can I change my subscription?

Yes, you can. Contact us at and we'll change it.

NOTE. However, reference is made to general subscription terms.

How do I create a subscription?

MakeMyStrategy™ is a cloud-based strategy tool that guides the company through the strategy work and creates structure, overview and summarizes the work so that the company can concentrate on qualifying the content.

We are constantly working on making the strategy work simpler and smarter.

Here's how to do it:
  • On, click "Subscribe"
  • Then you choose the subscription that suits you e.g. "PRO"
  • Then you fill in the name, payment details, etc.
  • You will then receive a welcome email
  • After a short time, you will receive mail with password
  • And then you are up and running and can log in anywhere via "Login"

Can I try the tool before I buy?

You can always get a personal demo before you buy or you can try 30 days for free.

How is data stored?

If I cancel my MakeMyStrategy™ subscription is various data stored?

ANSWER: If you have deleted various data yourself before unsubscribing, these are of course deleted. If you do not delete your data, it is stored for 30 days, after which it will be irrevocably automatically deleted.  

If I now regret the cancellation of my subscription, can I access the "old" material/data?

ANSWER: If it has been more than 30 days since you canceled your subscription, your data is unfortunately no longer available, but irrevocably deleted. The deadline is set based on a risk balance, as it is generally not appropriate for MakeMyStrategy™ have your confidential data lying around. We therefore always encourage you to back up your data – even on an ongoing basis when using MakeMyStrategy™.

How is payment information handled?

Payment information is handled through Upodi, Paylike, Quickpay and clearhause.

Language on the purchase page is not English?

The language changes depending on browser-set language – that is, if your browser is set to language Danish then the page will appear in Danish. If it is not in Danish, it will be displayed in English.

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