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Digitalized, efficient and value-adding strategy process and execution - designed for your experience level.

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Why use MakeMyStrategyTM

Guaranteed fulfilment of the strategy task
Digital and dynamic
Efficient process and significant savings

Solid foundation to navigate from

Elevate your business with MakeMyStrategy™, your go-to digital powerhouse for designing, implementing and executing successful strategies.
360 degrees around your business

MakeMyStrategy™ stands for usability and quality.

At your fingertips: a dynamic tool created from a fusion of recognized strategic principles, +50 years of practical experience and measurable success.
You can concentrate on content
We've thought of everything.

You can trust MakeMyStrategy™ with facilitation, knowledge synthesis, impact analysis for adjustments and documentation.
Fully automatic output
You get a concrete action and follow-up plan, an executive summary and a detailed strategic plan with full traceability and appendix overview.

Checklist for successful execution and graphic templates for communication.
Correct continuously - without starting over
You correct a sub-element and see where the correction has consequences in priorities and action plans.

After the consequence correction, the strategy plan is updated with the updated output - automatically.

What users say about MakeMyStrategy™

Every angle has been considered

Jesper Hartvigsen

CEO & co-owner

We highly recommend MakeMyStrategy

Frode Dale

Managing Director

Great tool for generational transition

Ole Østergaard (2nd generation) standing next to Bjørn Østergaard (3rd generation)

Owner and Managing Director

It really took off with MakeMyStrategy - I highly recommend taking the system in

Kjeld Bagger

Owner and Director

Your trusted strategy partner

High data security
All data is hosted via EXOSCALE, which stands for the highest security standards. Among other things, they are ISO 27001 certified. See all certifications.

100% cloud-based
No integration or installation.
Log in wherever, whenever and from whatever device you want.

Simple and intuitive
MakeMyStrategy™ is developed by strategy experts and business people who know what your business needs and focus on ease of use.

Get started on the right foot

In addition to the various guides, videos, etc. that you have access to, sometimes you may need a little extra help to get started.

Real value creation in your business

Studies show significantly higher profits and growth in companies that actively work with their strategy and follow-up.

Higher profits
Higher growth
Sanne Markwall , CEO & Founder of MakeMyStrategy™

"There was a lack of a tool that could quickly summarize and identify practical instructions"

Strategy processes are feared by many because they are often "long-winded", expensive, complicated and don't actually lead to anything because the end product is a vague document without concrete instructions on what the company needs to do to achieve its goals.

Based on our experience, we know first-hand how difficult and cumbersome strategy processes can be. But it doesn't have to be that way.