Get a coordinated, sustainable and proactive strategic plan that leads to real growth.

Keep an overview and leave the facilitation, process management, knowledge synthesis, impact analysis of adjustments and documentation to MakeMyStrategy™.

Less manual work - efficient resource utilization - saved costs.

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Every angle has been considered
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Now we can spend our time on strategy content rather than models
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MakeMyStrategy™ has synthesized the world's strategy literature and best practice into a digital and dynamic platform with a proven track record.

A constantly changing world increases the complexity of business development.

MakeMyStrategy™ solves this problem .

The company's knowledge is collected and consolidated in a simple strategy process while allowing relevant people to be involved.

The strategy work is manageable and the work results in a concrete output that can be used in practice.

Founder Sanne Markwall is experienced in strategy in practice, and with MakeMyStrategy™ she has digitized and simplified the often complex and costly strategy processes so that they are accessible - digitally, practically and economically sensible - for all companies.
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Answer questions about your business and the market and get help with the important choices and priorities.
Out comes a sustainable strategy plan and prioritized action plan - ready to navigate.
Your strategy plan can of course be easily adjusted along the way - without having to start from scratch.

No dusty strategic plans, shelves of books or vast amounts of knowledge.

Just bring your own business and market knowledge into the platform.

Learn more about the books and methods MakeMyStrategy™ is based on HERE.
1. 360 degrees - digitally guided from end to end
2. Overview of complex knowledge and data
3. Fully automated tools and reporting
4. Adjust the plan when circumstances change - without starting from scratch

SDGs as business objectives

Working for and with the UN SDGs, the UN Global Compact's 10 principles, ESG and CSR should not be just a marketing stunt or intangible grand statements of intent from the company.

Sustainability should be integrated as a business objective into strategy where relevant.

MakeMyStrategy™ takes this into account and brings you closer to a sustainable strategy.

Easy, targeted and sustainable.
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"The MakeMyStrategy™ method works in practice"

Jørgen Lægaard
experienced strategy consultant and author of
several books on strategy and strategic work.
In addition to his writing, Jørgen has his time
both in the boardrooms and at universities.

"How to digitise the strategy process"

After this day, you will know exactly
what you need to do to transform
analogue strategy work into
digitally supported
strategy work
- step by step.
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Great results and growth

New figures show significantly higher profits and growth in companies that actively work on their strategy.

MakeMyStrategy™ takes care of the complex, so you can concentrate on content rather than models..
Higher profits in companies with a strategy
Higher growth in companies with a strategy

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For businesses and advisers
After this one-day masterclass, you will know exactly what you need to do to transform analogue strategy work into a digitally supported strategy process - step by step.

And of course we've made sure you also ensure the strategy is sustainable🌎
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Meet certified MakeMyStrategy™ advisors who can help you advance

MakeMyStrategy™ is a DO IT YOURSELF tool or you can supplement with advice along the way.

If you want complementary assistance, you can always make an appointment with an advisor certified in MakeMyStrategy™.
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Sanne Markwall , CEO & Founder of MakeMyStrategy™

"I disrupted myself because there was a lack of a tool that could quickly summarize and identify practical directions"

Strategy processes are feared by many because they often become "long-winded", expensive, complicated and actually lead nowhere, because the end product becomes a vague document without concrete instructions on what the company should do to achieve its goals.

Our founder has worked as a business developer and strategic advisor in small and large companies for many years - and knows if anyone how difficult and heavy strategy processes can be. But it doesn't have to be that way.
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